Welcome guests from Japan!

Father Scollen has the privilege of hosting students from Japan for a home stay program. The students come from Tarui, Gifu Prefecture and will be apart of our community for 1 week. We welcome the new students to our community of caring and look forward to meeting them and learning from them as well.

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Raising Resilient Children

Dare to Care  Resilient children have the skills necessary to adapt and thrive in situations of stress and adversity.  This 6 session parenting program is designed to provide parents with the education and tools necessary to develop essential skills in their children that can help prevent them from being bullied and participating in bullying behavior. For more information please read the Information Flyer:
Raising Resilient Children flyer

St. Margaret School: 3320 Carol Drive NW, Calgary AB
Tuesday Jan 20th – Tuesday Feb 24th
To Register:  email Brittany Doherty at brittany.doherty@cssd.ab.ca please include your name, age of child/ren and the school(s) they attend.


Transition Plan From Provincial Achievement Tests to Student Learner Assessments

Please take the time to review the following document that outlines the plan of the District as we transition from Provincial Achievement Tests to Student Learner Assessments.

Transition Plan from the Provincial Achievement Tests

Help Plan Our Future Direction

In an effort to have the most current information available to our school community, please take the time to read the following document from the Calgary Catholic School District. This document outlines the procedures being implemented as of March 6, 2014 with regard to the enrolment of students at Light of Christ, and the subsequent naming of Father Scollen as the designated Junior High for Our Lady of Fatima students.

Throughout the Help Plan Our Future process, we have come to value the input of all of the stakeholders in our community. If you have any questions about the content of this letter, and how it may affect you in the future, please contact the school at (403) 500-2088.


Elizabeth Bennett and Ryan Miller

Help Plan Our Future Letter

The Fraser Institute’s Report Card of Alberta Elementary Schools

On February 15th, the Fraser Institute released it’s annual report card of elementary schools in Alberta to the public. This document ranks elementary schools based on the results of the Grade 3 and 6 Provincial achievement exams. This  report is a snapshot of one day of school and the performance of students on that day using a specific set of exams. It is not realistic to expect that the same results would be obtained every day as the contextual variables affecting students change as they enter our schools across the city each day. As a district, we utilize a number of forms of data in order to improve our approach to teaching and learning. The Fraser Institute Report Card of Elementary Schools provides one piece of data in a large bank of collected and analysed information that that individual schools and the greater district use throughout the year when looking at student achievement.

Complete results from the Report Card can be viewed at http://www.fraserinstitute.org/reportcards/schoolperformance/alberta.htm#elementary.