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On Friday, September 25th we had our first Sandwich Friday of the 2015-2016 school year.  This is a monthly event in which we ask families to send in loaves of premade sandwiches to donate to the Calgary Drop-In Centre assisting them in providing lunches to Calgary’s needy population.  Students did an amazing job and brought in 696 loaves of sandwiches!

Sandwich Fridays have been part of our school culture for many years.  We feel it is an excellent way in which we can contribute back to the greater community of Calgary.  What makes this project such a great fit for our school is the involvement of students directly in the process.  Students can assist in buying groceries, actually making the sandwiches and bringing the sandwiches to school.  In the last couple of years we have also been able to provide opportunities for our older students to volunteer at the Drop-In Centre and they have assisted in preparing the lunches for Calgary’s poor.  We have also been able to bring in speakers from the Drop-In Centre to talk to our students about the impact of their work.

This year we reached out to the community to see if they could provide some assistance to the Drop-In Centre.  We approached Sobeys in Strathcona to talk about our project.  They have been aware of what we were doing as once a month they noticed an increased volume in their bread and sandwich fixing sales.  We saw that there was a need at the Drop-In Centre for a bread slicer.  While we make sandwiches where the bread is already sliced, however they also have a lot of bread donated that needs to be sliced.  Sobeys took the opportunity and ran with it.  They were able to refurbish an industrial bread slicer and it was delivered on Friday to the Drop-In Centre.  This was done based on the great work our students are doing.  It really leads to the idea that it does not matter how small an idea start or how young the leaders of the project are, but great work builds momentum and support.

Congratulations to our students, families and staff for the great work we do on sandwiches and the differences we are making in our community.

Friday, October 16th is ou next Sandwich Friday.

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