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Love Kindness is our theme for this school year and we have definitely seen examples of this on a daily basis at school.  In working with over 600 students, disagreements and differences of opinion between students are going to happen.  It is with pride, that I want to assure you in that solving these situations I have seen students working hard at passing on true kindness to each other.  Students have been honest in accepting responsibility for their actions and in working to solve disagreements in a very positive manner.

I have also witnessed many students going out of their way in attempting to help others and to make students feel welcome.  Our first Sandwich Day was a great success.  We also did a great job with our Terry Fox Run.  Students brought in over $1000 to help battle against cancer in addition to the online donations.  Kindness in our school definitely goes beyond our walls in helping others.

Every year we try to assist another school in our district who is not as financially advantaged as we are.  I know the generosity of our parents is greatly appreciated by the other schools and it gives their children opportunities that they may not be afforded if not for our help.

In the past we have assisted St. Peter School, St. Thomas More School and St. Monica School.  This year, we would like to help St. Michael School as a sister school.  We are very aware of many of the unique opportunities that St. Michael School are able to offer their students and the wide variety of programs they have.  With the increased enrollment we are experiencing in this area of the city we felt that they could use the support maintaining and hopefully adding to the educational opportunities of their students.

Our projects in the past have bought in over $2000 for each school we have helped and we hope we will be able to do the same this year.

If you are able to assist us with this project please send in a cheque payable to St. Michael School.  We will pass this on to them to they can incorporate the additional funds into their planning.


Paul Dorin



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