Gr.12 Retreat Announced!

Coal Mine Trail

Coal Mine Trail

Every year we have our gr.12s attend a full day retreat.  This year, we are pleased to announce the Gr.12 retreat will be in K-Country on

Monday September 29, 2014

All the specifics are included in the letter (linked below) which will be sent home to parents this week.

Gr.12 Retreat Parent Letter

Permission slip due *Wednesday, September 24*

Permission Slip

Why K-Country?

Prairie View Trail

Prairie View Trail

First of all, we have heard our gr.12s loud and clear.  They want something new for their retreat.  We have put over 4 months into the planning of this event.  We have visited various sites in K-Country to tailor-make an experience they will not soon forget.  We want it to be challenging, we want it to be fun but ultimately we want them to have the opportunity to explore their Catholic faith on a personal level that doesn’t take place in a classroom or in a church.  We are excited to be able to give our gr.12s this experience in one of the most beautiful, natural environments Alberta has to offer.

How are we going to give them this experience? 

We have chosen 3 trails.

  1. Barrier Lake Trail – Beginner.
  2. Coal Mine Trail – Moderate.

    View - Coal Mine Trail

    View – Coal Mine Trail

  3. Prairie View Trail – Challenging.

The goal of the hike is to get you and your group of 15 other students to the end of the hike together! We will be going into much more detail about the hike and the specifics at a gr.12 assembly the Friday before we go.

Please email Rob Miller at with any questions.

NDHS 2014-15 Annual General Meeting – Date Change

Notre Dame High Sschool is moving the date of our AGM to Thursday September 25th at 6:30pm.  This change in date is necessary to allow for contractors to complete our new gathering area and other facilities in the building.  We look forward to seeing parents on the 25th of September when we will tour you through our newly renovated building and update everyone on the plans for the 2014/15 school year.  Thank you for your patience and support as we work to settle all students into their classes.

New to ND?

We welcome all our new students and we hope the first few weeks of school have been positive and successful.  We appreciate your patience as we get final schedules out to all our students.  Here are a few things you should be aware of as a new student to ND.

1.  Follow us on Twitter for all important updates and announcements.



2.  Click on the PRIDE POST tab above to see daily announcements including lunch specials!

3.  Your TA (teacher adviser) is your first point of contact to support a positive and successful experience at NDHS.


Notre Dame Music Updates

NDHS MusicNotre Dame Music Foundation ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Thurs Sept 25 @ 7:00pm, NDHS Theatre

ALL Music students MUST attend this meeting with at least one parent. Attendance will be taken. It is important that we reach a QUORUM.

Questions —> Mr. Heffernan / Regrets —> Ms. O’Connell

WHISTLER Parent/Student Meeting – Thurs Oct 2 @ 7:00pm, NDHS Theatre

Symphonic Band and Choir students who wish to participate in the Whistler Music Festival Tour MUST attend this meeting.

Jesse Heffernan

Notre Dame MUSIC