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                                              Faith Theme for 2015-2016 – Mission Possible: Walk Humbly with GodWalk Humble with God
The Administration Team
Michael Panić – Principal
Anthony D’Alfonso – Vice Principal
Joan Lingelbach – Assistant Principal 

QSP Cookie Dough and Festival Book Fundraiser

chocolatechipcookiestackParents, our Cookie Dough fundraiser begins on October 8. All orders need to be handed in to the school by October 29 for processing. The cookie dough and festival book items will be available for pick up on Thursday, November 26 during Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews. Thank you for supporting our efforts in improving our physical education program with the purchase of new equipment for all grade levels. Please click here for more information: OLQP Cookie Dough and Festival Book Fundraiser 2015

SUTP Coupon Book and Mobile App Fundraiser

SUTPDear parents. Our SUTP Coupon book and mobile application fundraiser will run until the end of November 2015. The grand prize of the new bike will be drawn for just prior to our Christmas break. You can purchase SUTP coupon books directly at the office. Additional order forms are also available at the office. Thank you for supporting our fall fundraiser.


ATB-Financial-Logo2OLQP Financial Deposit Days

The following dates are our OLQP Financial (ATB Financial) deposit days:  new dates for 2015-2016 will be posted in September.


Volleyball Practice and Game Schedule for OLQP: Volleyball Schedule 2015
Modest Monday, October 12: Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Going to Try it Tuesday, October 13: WordFest Week at OLQP – A Villeneuve and M Cyr, authors, join us today!
We Wednesday, October 14: WordFest: L Bailey and S. Neilson join us today! Volleyball game – OLQP vs. St. Ambrose at home; girls at 4 and boys at 5; juniors at St. Ambrose.
THANKFUL Thursday, October 15: K Sylvester and E Turgeon help us to continue celebrate WordFest.
Free Friday, October 16: WordFest: B Slavin joins us for a morning presentation.
OLQP Monthly Newsletter: OLQP October 2015 Newsletter
OLQP Master Calendar for 2015-2016: OLQP AIRDRIE Master Calendar 2015-2016 Updated October 2015
2015-2016 Airdrie School Calendar: CCSD Airdrie Calendar 2015-16 03.16.15
Help Plan our Future (HPOF): update – HPOF Update Mar 20 revised March 26

School Registrations 2015-2016: Kindergarten and French Immersion

How to Register:  Registration is ongoing throughout the school year. A child who turns four years old on or before March 1 is eligible to attend kindergarten in the fall of that same calendar year. For example, this means to register for kindergarten in September 2016, a child must turn four years old on or before March 1, 2016. The child’s birth certificate should be presented at the time of registration. Contact your local elementary school for more information. All families are encouraged to inquire.
Kindergarten Information:  We have moved additional  information for the kindergarten program to the tab located at the top of this Home Page. Kindergarten registrations are year round as of this fall. When registering, please remember to bring you child’s birth certificate and baptismal certificate  (or a Catholic baptismal certificate of one of the parents). Please click on the following link for your copy of the Kindergarten Orientation Package: 2015-2016 OLQP Kindergarten Orientation Package
Please click on the following link to watch a video about the kindergarten program offered through Calgary Catholic School District: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNk-73Yfzto&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active
 Our Lady Queen of Peace School is the ONLY French Immersion Catholic School in Airdrie! We serve all of Airdrie and area. Bussing is available from all quadrants of the city for families that qualify. Please click on the following link to our French Immersion page: http://schools.cssd.ab.ca/olqp/french-immersion/french-immersion-program/
 Click here for French Immersion Handbook for ParentsFrench Immer Handbook 2013 2014 Version (valid for all years).

School Council: Partners in Education

 Our School Council – Janine Arscott, Chair; MJ Bransfield, Vice-Chair; Monica Grela, Secretary; and Lisa Chadwick, Treasurer.
 resiliencyParents, please click her for the PowerPoint from our April 16 parent night: https://youtu.be/qcCd-0sJ730



Community of Airdrie News           

French Immersion Pre-School in Airdrie for September 2015. Click on the following link for more information: French Immersion Preschool in Airdrie. Phone Jackie at 403-512-3921.
Airdrie Community Links Parenting Programs: Community Links Airdrie Fall Programs
Canadian Parents for French: Dear Parents – CPF Airdrie is partnering with Rocky View Adult Learning to promote a French language course they’re offering this fall, starting Sept. 21. The course will include strategies to help parents with children in French/French Immersion. RVS French Course 2015 poster
Airdrie Aces Athletics Club – Cross Country Season Opener: Airdrie Aces Athletics Club – Cross Country Season Opener


 Calendars: OLQP, Airdrie and so many more….

OLQP and District Athletics Calendar: Athletics_CalendarofEvents_20152016
2015-2016 Airdrie Schools Calendar: CCSD Airdrie Calendar 2015-16 03.16.15
Our Lady Queen of Peace School Liturgies: OLQP LITURGY SCHEDULE 2015 
District Healthy Choices Newsletter: http://schools.cssd.ab.ca/default.asp?V_ITEM_ID=1457
District Connections Newsletter: http://www.cssd.ab.ca/news-events/news/
Our Lady Queen of Peace Student Agenda introductory pages (school codes of conduct and general information): OLQP Student Handbook 
Notice to Parent or Guardian: Student Groups & Human Sexuality Topics – Over the year, our school may establish a student group, which engages in discussion and activities related to diversity and justice issues, including support for students belonging to sexual minorities. In particular, within our Religious Education and Family Life Catholic Community of Caring program, students may provide leadership and receive support to continue to build inclusive communities, aligned with our Catholic social teachings. If you wish further information, please contact the principal.
Weather Up-date: Please click on the following link provided by Rocky View Transportation regarding possible bus cancellations and/or school closure:  http://www.rockyview.ab.ca/
Please click on the following link provided by Calgary Catholic School District regarding a safety reminder for all our families: Safety Reminder for Calgary Catholic Schools  and Transportation Safety for Winter Months 2012-13

Progress Reports

Please click on the following links to the Elementary and Junior Progress Reports (How to Read your Child’s new Progress Report) – Elementary Progress Report and Junior High Progress Report Support Document
Other helpful parent links:  Google Learn Parent Information    Reading with your Child at Home

On-line Communication: D2L and E-Board 

 Desire-to-Learn (D2L) for grade 7 and 8 parents and students: Parents of students in Grade 7 and 8: Our D2L (Desire-to-Learn) website is in service. D2L is a flexible online environment used to support student learning through collaboration, engagement, and meaningful communication between teachers, students, and parents.
For more information please click on the following link: D2L Pamphlet 2012-2013
Parents of students in Grade 1 to 6: e-Board is up and running. The password is OLQP.
Google Chrome Icon
Google Chrome at OLQP: We are very excited to inform you of your child’s ability to access innovative technology for the 21st  Century learner. This year CSSD has enabled every student to have access to email and applications in Google.  Google applications is web based, meaning that stored documents can be accessed from any computer.  There is 5 GB of free space for storage. Please click on the following link for a copy of the two page brochure – Google Brochure for Parents of OLQP 2013

Remember to bring in your Airdrie Co-op receipts – we receive 1% in cash from all receipts collected….
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