Principal’s Welcome!

Welcome to
St. Alphonsus School!

Our Grade 6's Grow in the Image and Likeness of God!

Good Day Everyone
I would like to take this opportunity to say that my first month at St. Alphonsus School has been everything I hoped it would be; it is a wonderful school community.
I am slowly beginning to get to know all the students, their personalities and their senses of humour. It has been a slow process as there are many things to accomplish in our first month of school. It has also been great to have a chance to chat with many parents and get a sense of the community at large. I do look forward to having a chance to visit and work with you all in the future for the common good of our school and the children who attend here.
It has been great getting to know the Staff at St. Alphonsus School, they are a hardworking, dedicated group of professionals who have made the transition for Mrs. DeVetten and I much easier. I look forward to working with them to build our Teaching and Learning community.
I would like for you to read the following information below. There will be some changes to routine and gentle reminders below for everyone. I do appreciate your attention to these concerns and ongoing support; only together as a school community can we meet with success.
Mr. Mike LeVangie
Front Door Security Measures
In an attempt to tighten up our security practices after school the following new policy will take effect beginning October 6th, 2014;
The front door to the school will be locked at 4pm. It is our hope to limit the traffic in the building as it is important for us as a school community to know who is entering our building at all times.
The only exceptions to this rule will be on nights when our school teams are hosting other schools for sporting events and special occasion evenings.
Please remember it is necessary for you to check in with the office first upon entering the building. There is no exception to this rule.
Child’s Play
For those parents who have children in Child’s Play, the before and after school program being housed at St. Alphonsus, as of October 6th, 2014 we are making the following request;
Parents/Guardians please begin using the most westerly entrance on the front side of the school to access this program. We are asking you to follow this procedure both before and after school. The door will be locked but you can contact Child’s Play staff at 587-583-6151. Please remember to have your mobile phone with you at all times.
Parking Lot
Please remember that the School Parking Lot is for staff only it is not to be used as a “Drop off” or “Pick up” area. We do appreciate your attention to this concern as we will begin accessing the parking lot doors for our Kindergarten students.
Cross Walks
Please be reminded that parking is prohibited within 5 metres of a Crosswalk. This is vital to ensure that children remain visible to all drivers.