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sunThursday June 2 2016

Tickets on sale now $5.00 kids and adults

Silent Auction Items include:


Ride-a-Long = priceless


Spa from Merle Norman Chinook = $150.00 value

Trikke Scooter = $200.00 value


“BLACK LIGHT” Dance Party

Friday May 27     3:30-5:30 pm

Tickets on sale now only $5.00 ($6.00 at the door)

Concession is available

St. Augustine School Council Presents:

Edo Japan     Friday May 27

Order now at: https://www.healthyhunger.ca/


The arts are with us, and in us to inspire thought, to inspire feeling, to inspire change, to inspire a new world!”

John Muir


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St. Augustine Fine Arts Program


 “We witness inspiration of spirit in the voice of a child, in the colors of an artist, in the vision of a teacher, and in the most simple acts of daily kindness.

Let our creative spirits shine.”

Celebration and assessment of integrated arts learning is a key part of our Fine Arts Program.  Documentation of student learning is visible throughout our school.  Teachers and students work with a variety of Calgary artists throughout the year in the areas of visual, photographic, dramatic, movement and musical arts.

“inspire”           “dream”             “explore”                  “achieve”

 Why Fine Arts Integration?

  • Arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution.
  • Arts teach children that there are many ways to see and interpret the world.
  • Arts teach children about other tools besides writing to represent their knowledge.
  • Arts help increase confidence and self-esteem for students who do not necessarily learn in a traditional way.
  • Arts increase collaboration among students with more project-based work to achieve common outcomes.
  • Arts teach children and teachers to look differently at the community that surrounds them.
  • The arts provide students an opportunity to develop and showcase their talents.
  • Learning through the arts is fun, active and engaging – children remember what they learn better what they are learning in an active way.St. Augustine School offers a Fine Arts Program to all Kindergarten to Grade 9 students who attend our school. Our Fine Arts program integrates the arts with academic subjects as much as possible and allows students to experience links between the arts and other core subjects.