St. Helena Jr. High Information Evening

~ Thursday, March 3, 2016 ~

St. Helena School Welcomes you to attend our INFORMATION EVENING on Thursday, March 3 at 6:30 pm We invite resident students and parents who live within St. Helena boundaries for a school tour and to introduce you to our Academic Program for the 2016-2017 school year.

Non-resident families are welcome to attend for information, but should be aware that admission depends on availability of room and resources in September.

Students and parents who are interested in the Hockey/Canada Skills Academy (Gr. 7-9) are asked to arrive at 6:00 pm.

For more information, please contact the school office or visit our school website (

320 – 64 Ave. NW – Phone: 403-500-2049  Fax: 403-500-2249






December 14, 2015
Dear Kindergarten Parents,

The Christmas break is rapidly approaching, and there has been some changes from previous years in the way kindergarten will operate on the half-day before Christmas break. On December 18, 2015, there will be no afternoon kindergarten classes. Morning classes will be in operation, but there are some changes for those students who take the bus to school.

The morning routine will not change. However, there is no kindergarten bus, route 418, at 11:33. Instead, students will take the regular school bus home at 12:00. Grade 5 and 6 bus helpers will meet students in the school and take them to their assigned bus. This will impact where parents will pick up their students. Because the students will be taking the regular school bus home, they will be dropped off at the same stop where they are picked up in the morning. It is important for the safety of students that an adult is at that stop when students arrive. Bus drivers are not permitted to let kindergarten students off the bus unless a parent is there to meet them. Please review this change with students before they arrive on December 18. All students should know which bus they will be taking home. Classroom teachers will review this information with students as well.

For students who walk home, they will continue to be dismissed at their regular 11:33 time. Students that are bussed will remain in class until the 12:00 PM dismissal. If you have any questions about this procedure, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, or myself at the school. The school number is 403-500-2082, or I can be reached at


Dan Zeeb, Assistant Principal


District International Travel

Recent global events have prompted our district to re-evaluate international travel for both our students and our staff. After extensive discussion involving our school administrators and teachers, our Business Services department, tour companies, other districts around the province, our senior administration team, and our Board of Trustees, we have made the decision to cancel any out-of-country travel for the remainder of the school year. We will monitor the situation and review this decision in September 2016.

At the forefront of this decision was the safety of our students and our staff. While we believe in the educational value of international travel, we have an obligation to ensure a safe and caring environment. Due to fluctuating travel advisories and unknowns, we cannot risk the health and well-being of our students and staff. 

We acknowledge the challenges that will arise as a result of this decision and will work with our schools to minimize the impact on students and their families that are directly affected. This was a difficult decision to make and we thank you for your support and understanding.