Journey through the Sacraments 2014-2015

Journey through the Sacraments

St.Brigid  and St Peter’s   Catholic Church

St Peter’s Catholic Church is happy to be working closely with St. Brigid to bring the preparation of the Sacraments into the classroom.  This allows us to work together in the faith formation for your children.  Please journey with us!

Registration through St. Peter’s is required for all Sacraments.

“Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”          Mark 10:14

Baptism Program for School Aged Children

Baptism is an invitation to a lifelong journey of faith…


If your child is not yet baptized, we welcome you to begin the Sacramental journey with us at St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

Please contact Mary directly to discuss your child’s Baptism


Preparation Session followed by the            Celebration of Baptism


November 1st   

“…the water that I will give will become a fountain of     life within you, leaping up to provide eternal life.”

               John     4:13-14

            January 25   




                                           Registration for ALL  2014-2015 Sacraments
  • Online Registration at
  • Registration Evenings will also be available at St. Peter’s on the following dates:

Mon, September 8       6 to 8 PM                   Wed, September 10       3 to 5 PM

Mon, September 15    6 to 8 PM                   Wed, September 17       3 to 5 PM

  • Forms are available at St. Brigid
  • Registration is required for all Sacraments through St. Peter’s

For more information contact Mary Everts

St Peter’s Catholic Church

541 Silvergrove Drive NW

Calgary, AB T3B 4R9

403 286-5110


Sacrament of First Holy Communion



  • All  Baptized Grade 2 children will be invited to the Lord’s Table to partake of this Food from Heaven with their classmates
  • Catechesis will occur in the classroom as well as in the context of a half day retreat
  • We have sessions for older children available at St. Peter’s. See our website for details                                                                               Important Dates to Remember
    • March 17              Parent Info Session at St Peter’s beginning with Mass
    • April 15                 First Holy Communion Retreat at St. Brigid
    • May 10                  First Holy Communion Mass at St. Peter’s


                                    “I am the bread of life”       John 6:48

                                                         Sacrament   of First Reconciliation


  • All Baptized children Grade 3 and 4 who have completed their First Communion will be invited to deepen their relationship with Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession, penance)with their classmates
  • Catechesis will occur in the classroom as well as in the context of a half day retreat
  • We have sessions for older children available at St. Peter’s.  See our website for details

                                                          Important Dates to Remember

  • September 29                  Parent Night at St Peter’s
  • November 12                   First Reconciliation Retreat at St. Brigid
  • December 5                      First Reconciliation at St. Brigid

“…your sins are forgiven”          Luke 7:48



  • All Baptized Grade 6 children who have completed their First Communion and Reconciliation will be invited to accept the call of Confirmation to receive the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Catechesis will occur in the classroom as well as in the context of a half day retreat
  • Parish based activities will also be a part of the preparation for Confirmation

                                                       Important Dates to Remember

  • January 19                      Parent/Candidate Night at St. Peter’s
  • February 24                    Candidate Reconciliation Night at St Peter’s
  • March 5                           Confirmation Retreat at St. Brigid
  • March 9                           Candidate/Sponsor Night at St. Peter’s
  • March 10                         Confirmation Mass at St. Peter’s with Bishop Henry


“Tongues of   fire parted and came to rest on each one of them”   Acts 2:3



We look forward to taking this journey with you and your children

YMCA Summer Day Camps

SummerDayCamps 2014_poster_CFYRegister for YMCA Summer Day Camps!  Daily Camps run from August 25-29, 2014 and Weekly Camps run from July 2-August 22.      Register today!


2014-2015 Option Classes for Grades 7, 8 and 9

Grades 8 and 9 Options 2014-2015Grade 7 Options 2014-2015St. Brigid School is pleased to be providing a variety of Option classes for Grades 7, 8 and 9 for the 2014-2015 school year.  Both Full Year Options (FYO) and Third Year Options (TYO) are being offered again this year.  FYO begins in September and runs through the end of June while TYO changes at the end of each term.

2014-2015 Option Forms have been sent home with your son or daughter.  2014-2015 Option Forms need to be returned and signed by a parent/guardian by Friday, June 20, 2014. 

Please note that Option Classes are assigned to students on a first come first serve basis.  All option classes are also capped with the number of students that can take each option.

SchoolConnects Automated Notification Service

St. Brigid School is pleased to announce our subscription to SchoolConnects Automated Notification Service provided through SynreVoice Technologies for the 2014-2015 school year.  SchoolConnects can quickly deliver a wide variety of messages by phone, email and SMS text to parents and our staff.  It will enhance communication within our school community and improve our emergency preparedness.

St. Brigid School believes that good attendance is important to the academic success of students.  We will be using SchoolConnects to notify you by phone and email whenever your child is absent from class.  These phone calls are made to your home phone in the morning/evening.  St. Brigid School will also be using SchoolConnects to send announcements and emergency messages as required.  If you have a cell phone, you can have SchoolConnects call your cell to ensure that you personally get the messages.  Please make sure your contact phone numbers and email addresses are up to date.

When you receive calls from the system, Call Display shows the phone number from St. Brigid School or from the Calgary Catholic School District.  When SchoolConnects reaches an answering machine, it plays the message twice in case the beginning is cut off.

St, Brigid School is excited about using SchoolConnects to enhance communication and improve the quality of education for your child.

Camp Cadicasu

Camp CadicasuCamp Cadicasu 2Camp Cadicasu is a Catholic traditional co-ed overnight summer camp in Kananaskis Country, Alberta for children ages 8 − 17. Since 1930, we have been a haven for young people to experience the joys and freedom of summer, embrace camp values, make new friends and be supported by a skilled and dedicated staff. Our campers have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities. The program that we offer is, what we like to call, tradition with a twist!

• Backpacking
• Water Play
• Campfire and Singing
• Nature Crafts
• Earth Stewardship
• Overnight Camp-outs
• Hiking
• All-camp Activities
• Survival Skills
• Nature Awareness
• Performing Arts
• Archery
• Field Sports & Games
• Tetherball
• Arts & Crafts
• Cook-outs
• Volleyball
• Team Sports

We are having an open house on Sunday, June 1st from 2 – 4 pm. Located half-way between Calgary and Banff, we are a short drive away from the city. Check out our website for more information:

St. Peter’s Sacramental Preparation 2014-2015

St Peter’s Sacramental Preparation 2014-2015

Mary Everts     Sacramental Preparation Coordinator

Sacrament Registration will occur in the Narthex at St Peter’s.

Monday, September 8 and 15 from 6 to 8 PM

Wednesday, September 10 and 17 from 3 to 5 PM


The dates of Sacrament Celebrations are as follows:

School Aged Baptism (age 7 and up)

Saturday,  November 1 and January 24

(Baptism for younger children is available as well.)


First Reconciliation    Tuesday, December 2

Confirmation   Wednesday, March 11 and Thursday, March 12

First Communion Sunday, May 3 & Saturday, June 6 & Sunday, June 7.

Registration is required for participation in all Sacramental Preparation.  Please watch the bulletin and our website for further details about the programs.  Online registration will also be available beginning in June.




Vacation Bible School 2014

Vacation Bible School 2014Our Vacation Bible School at St. Peter’s will take place July 21st to 25th this year. The format will most likely be much the same as the previous three years, with check-in just before 8:30 am Mass, each day, four activity centres each day, with a thematically appropriate snack in between, and lots of music and story-telling to begin and end each day, concluding at 12:30 pm each of the five days. As usual, snacks, t-shirts and all supplies will be included in the fee.

Our theme this year is “God’s Children Walk with Moses.” We will also have a Saint of the Day each day with a theme of “Saints I’ve Never Heard Of,” with unusual or less well-known Saints being featured each day.

Volunteers will be needed to help set up on the afternoon of July 20th , and to help take everything down on the afternoon of July 25th .

Judith is also starting to look for volunteers to help organize and plan the activity centres, the music, and the over-all theme of the program this year. If you would like to be involved as a volunteer this year, please let her know! We will need at least 12 and up to 16 adult volunteers (you will need your “Called to Protect” screening and training to be completed prior to the start of VBS), with at least 20 and up to 32 Youth volunteers (ages 11-17).

For a Child Registration Form, Youth Volunteer Registration Form or an Adult Volunteer Registration Form, please access the St. Peter’s website at

Judith McRae

Coordinator of RCIA and Youth Ministry

St. Peter’s Parish








Calgary Catholic Education Foundation “Chance to Enhance” Raffle

Calgary Catholic Education FoundationPlease find a letter from The Calgary Catholic Education Foundation regarding a “Chance to Enhance” raffle. The Calgary Catholic Education Foundation is an important organization that has supported not only St. Brigid School but all 105 Catholic Schools within the Calgary Catholic School District.

Limited tickets are for sale at St. Brigid School or can be ordered online.