2014-15 Stakeholder Satisfaction with Education in Alberta Telephone Surveys

As in previous years, the Ministry of Education will be conducting its annual stakeholder satisfaction telephone surveysto collect public, employer and other stakeholder perceptions of Alberta’s education system.

The surveys gather responses from a random sample of parents, the general public, business and industry (employers of recent high school graduates), high school students, teachers, principals, superintendents and school board trustees in the province.  The total number of completed surveys will be over 7,000, ensuring that survey results for each of the 11 respondent groups are statistically representative.  The survey responses are completely confidential, and only aggregate data will be reported.

The purpose of the surveys is to determine stakeholders’ satisfaction with:

•     the overall quality of the education system;

•     the education system meeting the needs of students and supporting our society and the economy;

•     schools providing a safe and caring environment for students;

•     preparation of students for lifelong learning, employment and active citizenship;

•     the education system having effective working relationships with partners and stakeholders;

•     leadership and continuous improvement of the education system;

•     knowledge, skills and abilities of recent high school graduates; and

•     facilities and equipment in the education system.

Your participation is important as it provides valuable information to help the ministry identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement, thus helping provide a more effective and accountable education system.  Some survey results are also used in specific business plan performance measures and will be reported in the ministry’s  2014-15 annual report.

Please note that it would be beneficial if superintendents shared this information with both trustees and school principals.

CCI Research Inc. has been contracted to administer the telephone interviews beginning on January 8, 2015 and finishing at the end of February 2015.  A summary of the information resulting from the survey will be posted on Education’s website.  Last year’s survey instruments and survey results are available at www.education.alberta.ca/admin/resources/satisfaction.aspx.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Jim Peck, Acting Senior Manager, Corporate Planning Branch, at 780-422-1963 (dial 310-0000 first for toll-free access in Alberta) or jim.peck@gov.ab.ca.

District Day with the Calgary Hitmen – February 13/15

hitmen (1)

District Day with the Calgary Hitmen will take place on February 13, 2015. There is no better opportunity than now to get your tickets! Aside from making great stocking stuffers for Christmas, this day is a wonderful time for school communities to get together – teachers, students, parents and friends.

  • Tickets are only $11 plus a Ticketmaster service fee.

With an exciting game, the event will also feature:

  • performances from CCSD bands
  • face painting
  • prizes
  • a 50/50 draw in which the funds collected will be split between one lucky winner and the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation
  • a Lunar New Year celebration showcasing a dragon dance and fireworks.

Click here and get your tickets early!  

  • $2 from each ticket sold to CCSD friends and family will go to the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation as well. Make sure to enter the offer code “Lunar” to get our special price.


Where can I find out about transportation to St. Helena?

If you live in Sage Hill, we share a yellow bus route with Monsignor Neville Anderson school. The map and schedule is HERE.  You must fill out a charter transportation form for your student to ride this bus, and there is an annual fee.

For Calgary Transit students, you must purchase a transit pass at a retail outlet, and then part of your purchase is refunded through the school’s rebate program.  The information is HERE.  Route and schedule information is on the Calgary Transit website, and you should check for updates!


St. Helena has twitter this year. To stay up to date with our school events and happenings, follow us @StHelena_CCSD