Achievement Tests / Exams

Students in grades 6 and 9 throughout Alberta write Achievement Tests in May and June.  Please ensure your child attends school on these days.  Students should have a good breakfast and be well rested in order to do their best on these dates.  All exams are written in the morning.

Mon. May 11        Grade 9         LA Part A
Wed. May 13       Grade 6          LA Part A
Wed. June 17       Grade 6         LA Part B
Thu. June 18        Grade 6        Math
Fri. June 19          Grade 6        Science
Mon. June 22      Grade 6        Social
Tue. June 23        Grade 9        Science
Wed. June 24      Grade 9        Math
Thu. June 25       Grade 9        LA Part B
Fri. June 26        Grade 9        Social
All Junior High Students will write Religion on Monday, June 22nd.  Grade 8 students will write Religion Part A on Wednesday, May 27th.
Grade 5 Students will write a Religion Achievement Exam on Friday May 29th.