2015-2016 School Year

back-to-schoolHappy Summer! Our office reopens on Tuesday, August 18th for questions and registrations. The 2015-2016 school year begins on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 8:31 a.m. (Please note KINDERGARTEN does not begin regular schedule until September 10th) These first days of school are very important for students, but we also understand that some families may extend their holidays. If this is the case for your family, please notify the office by phone or email; this can also be done during the summer holiday. By doing this, we will be assured that your student is still attending St. Michael School and hasn’t moved away. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Other important information can be found in our Year End newsletter, regarding start up in the fall. Click here St Michael Year End Newsletter2015

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Help Plan our Future- Aspen Wood School Opening 2016-2017

Final Decision Letter Aspen Woods_Page_3St. Michael Community, attached is the District letter in regards to the community boundaries and designated schools for the 2016-2017 school year when the new Aspen Woods Elementary school will open. 2016-2017 Letter Aspen Woods

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2015-2016 Parent & Trustee Meeting Dates

These meetings are highly informative and are open to all parents of Calgary Catholic Children. Why get involved? Watch the video below!  2015 - 2016 Parent  Trustee Meeting Dates


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BP Outstanding Calgary Youth Science Fair Award- Ms. Robertson

IMG_1638 A big thank you to two of our Gr. 7 students who took the time to nominate our outstanding Science teacher, Ms. Robertson, for this prestigious award. Ms. Robertson received a $500 prize to purchase materials for her classroom! The students wrote “She encouraged us to really take science seriously but also to be creative with it and to explore in depth, things that interest us. She takes a very hands on approach to teaching and allows us to learn from the mistakes we make in the process, to be innovative while still following rules and instructions and encourages us to communicate with our peers.” Well said ladies! Thank you to Vanessa and Matt for coming to present the award and honoring great work in education. IMG_1639

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Thank you to BP Energy!!

We are pleased to announce that our school has won the A+ for Energy competition! Our students  will be involved in producing films on renewable energy and environmental sustainability! The funds will pay for technology and training sessions and will incorporate our Learning Commons area that the Library is transforming from. We are very excited to be part of this entrepreneurial and global citizen initiative!


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St. Michael attends World Water day!!

On Wednesday, March 18th our Water Warriors will attend the CAWST summit to promote healthy water and conservation world wide. Check out last year’s event and our students at about 1:30 min!

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International mindedness – Educating citizens of the World!


IntAt its core, Public Education is moral, visionary and transformative.  At St. Michael School we share these core values as we work to empower youth while meeting cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal outcomes.   This vision also promotes a sense of ethical citizenship which is vital for a strong democracy, the reduction of social inequality and poverty, the promotion of social inclusion and for collaboration with citizens across nations in addressing these global challenges.


St. Michael School supports many initiatives that foster attitudes, skills and knowledge which promote active ethical citizenship.  First and foremost, we are a Catholic Community of Caring and through our monthly Buddy Group Activities we develop strong and respectful relationships among students and staff in the PYP and the MYP.  In Grade 5, students spearhead a 6 month long celebration of learning project.  This year the Grade 5’s collaboratively developed a sustainable resource development plan (water, forestry, energy, minerals, wildlife) though to 2050.  The plan included the adoption of a panda, tiger and polar bear through the World Wildlife Fund, the purchasing of solar panel for a school through World Vision and a snack exchange at school to promote diversity and reducing food waste.


In the MYP Grade Nine students undertook Community Projects which focused on service learning.  Projects included a read-a-thon to support Women for Women in Afghanistan as well as a permanent in school book exchange that not only promotes literacy but also a sharing economy.  Our Water Warriors continue, after nine successful years, to raise awareness around issues of water consumption and distribution and our Leadership Option students promote school wide activism and involvement with organizations such as Amnesty International.INt2


In February we celebrated International Mindedness and focused on the IB Learner Profile; “Principled”.   For an afternoon students participated in interactive activities aimed at increasing their knowledge of global issues.  Workshops challenged students to place themselves in the role of a Child Soldier, learn a new language (numbers in Mandarin), embrace cultural diversity, engage in mindfulness meditation and create an inclusive school art project that highlighted their cultural backgrounds.


It goes without saying that we are immensely proud of our students’ willingness to engage in meaningful opportunities that connect us universally and to tackle challenging world issues in a collaborative and creatively thoughtful way! At St. Michael School, we are not missing the beat on educating Global Leaders!

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St. Michael Warrior Way!!

Thank you Mrs. Vecchio-Romano for capturing the many activities going on at our School! Enjoy!

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Welcome to St. Michael School…A World of Learning

St. Michael School is the only school in Calgary Catholic School District offering an International Baccalaureate Programme at both the Primary Years and Middle Years.

We are a dual track school, offering instruction in both French and English in our Junior High Years.


Please  watch our video “St. Michael….A World of Learning” to learn more !

“This is truly an international school, open to all …., To that extent it truly mirrors society at large and prepares students to be good citizens as well as doing well academically.”

~Parent Feedback, St. Michael Satisfaction Survey 2012

Our Mission Statement:

     St. Michael School is an inclusive Catholic community that encourages students to creatively inquire throughout the learning process.

We engage in experiences that inspire responsible and active global citizenship.

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Building Student Resilience

Creating Safe  Resilient School Communities_Page_1 Creating Safe  Resilient School Communities_Page_2What is Resiliency? It is the ability to adapt to challenges that may cause stress, including tragedy, trauma, threats, setbacks and loss. By developing resilience, we are able to better manage stress or feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. The ability to work together and thrive despite these challenges arises from skills of resilience. St. Michael will be working with the Calgary Police as an S4 School: Stay smart, stay safe. Please open the brochure below put out by the Calgary Catholic School District. Creating Safe Resilient School Communities


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